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Reserved GET Parameters Inside the MODX Manager

The following is a list (currently incomplete) of GET parameters used by the MODX Manager. You should avoid using any of these parameters in Custom Manager Pages:

  • a – used to define an action or controller
  • namespace -- indicates what namespace the action belongs to
  • context_key – specifies one of your contexts (e.g. "web" or "mgr")
  • class_key – specifies a class name, e.g. when creating a Weblink or static resource
  • id -- specifies a page_id

Reserved $_SESSION variables (2.1.1-pl and later)

  • cultureKey
  • and anything prefixed with modx.*

Reserved $_SESSION variables (before 2.1.1-pl)

$_SESSION vars in italics were removed in 2.1.1-pl

  • webValidated
  • mgrValidated
  • webInternalKey
  • mgrInternalKey
  • webShortname
  • mgrShortname
  • cultureKey
  • and anything prefixed with modx.*