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Loads and runs a specific processor. The method takes 3 arguments:

  • action - The action to take (the processor to run), this is the path to the processor (without the file extension) realtive to the core/model/modx/processors/ directory (by default).
  • scriptProperties - An array of properties passed to the processor.
  • options - An array of options passed to the processor.
    • processors_path - If specified, will override the default MODX processors path (core/model/modx/processors/) where MODX is looking for the processor. This is helpful if you write your own custom processors and place them for example in your core/components/yourextra/processors/ directory.

This method replaces $modX->executeProcessor() prior to version 2.1


API Doc: http://api.modx.com/revolution/2.2/db_core_model_modx_modx.class.html#%5CmodX::runProcessor()

mixed runProcessor(string $action = '', array $scriptProperties = array(), array $options = array())


Run the ResourceGroup create processor:

// create new resource group programatically
$response = $modx->runProcessor('security/resourcegroup/create', array(
   'name' => 'Test', // the name of the new resource group
   'access_contexts' => 'mgr,web', // the context(s) the new resource group is restricting access in
   'access_admin' => 1, // adds access to this resource group for Administrators
   'access_parallel' => 1, // creates a new user group "Test" parallel to the resource group
   'access_usergroups' => 'Editors', // adds access to the new resource group for the user group "Editors"

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