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Copies a file from a source file to a target directory. Takes the following options as an optional 3rd parameter:

  • copy_newer_only - If the source file is older than the target, it will not copy the file.
  • copy_preserve_permissions - xPDO will attempt to copy over the permission structure from the source file to the target. Defaults to false.
  • copy_preserve_filemtime - xPDO will attempt to copy over the modified time from the source file to the target file. Defaults to true.
  • copy_return_file_stat - Setting to true will return the php stat() information in the return array. Defaults to false.
  • new_dir_permissions - The permissions to set any new directories to that were created in the target. (Can also be the 4th parameter of copyFile.) Defaults to 0775.
  • new_file_permissions - The permissions to set the new file to if copy_preserve_permissions is false. Defaults to 0664.


API Docs: http://api.modxcms.com/xpdo/cache/xPDOCacheManager.html#copyFile

boolean|array copyFile (string $source, string $target, [array $options = array()])


Copy a file:


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