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Get a value from a cache provider by key.

Also allows for an array of options to be passed. The current available values are:

  • format - If equals XPDO_CACHE_JSON, will simply get the contents of the array. This is useful if you set() the cache with XPDO_CACHE_JSON, to better handle JSON data.
  • removeIfEmpty - If set to true, will remove the cache file if it's empty. This is the default action.


API Docs: http://api.modxcms.com/xpdo/cache/xPDOCacheManager.html#get

mixed get (string $key, [array $options = array()])


Get the cache record 'test' into a string:

$test = $xpdo->cacheManager->get('test');

Get our JSON cache data called 'myjson':

$myJsonData = $xpdo->cacheManager->get('myjson',array('format' => xPDO::CACHE_JSON));

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