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Note: This is a living document as MODX 3.0 is still in development.

This document details the changes made between 2.x and 3.0 that may affect upgrades. It's not a full list of all changes (see the changelog for that), but rather a reference of (breaking) changes that may affect extras and sites.

In general, you can follow the standard upgrading process when upgrading to 3.0. It's recommended to first upgrade to the latest 2.7 release, which will log deprecated functionality your site depends on to the MODX log.

Server Requirements

  • PHP requirement increased from PHP 5.3.3 to PHP 7.0 #14488

Removed functionality

  • modResource->contentType field has been removed; that was replaced in Revolution 2.0 with a content_type field that maps to a modContentType instance. #14057
  • modParser095, modTranslate095, and modTranslator have been removed. Those were utilities for migrating templates from Evolution syntax. 14133
  • /manager/min/ directory has been removed; was unused since 2.5. #12778, #13194, #14416
  • @EVAL binding has been removed from TVs #13865

Notable changes and improvements


  • Manager has been redesigned.
  • Language can now be switched on the fly #14046
  • All manager permissions are automatically made available in MODx.perm #13924, #14425,
  • Google translations are now disabled in the manager #14414
  • More consistent resource/element duplication #14411


  • Markdown is now parsed in package attributes (changelog/readme/license) #13853

Files & Media

  • Media sources now use Flysystem #13709
  • Core directories are now protected from being renamed/removed from the manager #14374

Resources & Templates

  • Resources can now get an icon based on their content type #14383
  • New output modifiers related to files: dirname, basename, filename, extensions #14198

System Settings

The default value for a number of settings have changed. These only apply to new installations, but may expose different behaviour by default on new installations of 3.0.

  • automatic_template_assignment defaults to sibling instead of parent #14328
  • enable_gravatar is disabled on new installations #14215
  • manager_favicon_url defaults to a new favicon, included in the MODX download, with the MODX logo. #14324
  • manager_time_format uses 24hr format (H:i) instead of am/pm (g:i a) by default #14325
  • preserve_menuindex defaults to false instead of true #14328
  • resource_tree_node_name_fallback defaults to alias instead of pagetitle #14328

Removed settings

  • allow_tv_eval #13865
  • compress_js_max_files, manager_js_zlib_output_compression, which related to the old dynamic manager js minification #13859
  • upload_flash #14252
  • manager_language #13786, replaced by dynamic language switching #14046