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The Problem

You want a User to have manager editing access, but not have all the Permissions of an Administrator user. This tutorial, partially written by BobRay, will help you through that.

The Solution

  1. In Access Controls ->Roles, create a new role (lets call it "Editor") with an authority of 10.
  2. In Settings -> Access Control Lists -> Access Policies, duplicate the administrator policy and rename it to whatever you want, for our example we'll use "AdminLite".
  3. Edit the AdminLite Policy to use whatever Permissions you want the User to have.
  4. In Settings -> Access Control Lists -> User Groups, right click on the "Administrator" group and select "Update User Group."
  5. On the Permissions -> Context Access tab, add two new entries to the grid:
    1. Context: 'mgr' Minimum Role: 'Editor', Access Policy 'AdminLite'
    2. Context: 'web' Minimum Role: 'Editor', Access Policy 'Load, List and View'
  6. In Manage -> Users, create the new user, or edit existing, and via the Access Permissions tab, assign them to the Administrator group with a role of Editor.
  7. Click on Security -> Flush Sessions and re-login.

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