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Installing MODX

Using MODX Cloud

MODX Cloud is a rapid development platform built to make tasks like installation, upgrading, and migrating MODX sites a one-button affair. This video shows you how to sign up for an account and get started with MODX in minutes.

Using cPanel

MODX's default installation software makes it easy to deploy on almost any server environment that meets the minimum requirements. This video shows you how to install MODX on a common cPanel-enabled hosting account in just a few minutes.

Importing Your HTML Into MODX

This video series walks you step-by-step through the process of integrating custom-designed web pages into MODX. In under an hour, you can turn your static site into a dynamic, CMS-driven powerhouse that's fun and easy to manage.

Your First Template

Watch this tutorial to learn how to integrate your own HTML/CSS/Javascript into a MODX Template, with simple-to-use placeholders for dynamic content.

Using Chunks

This tutorial shows you how to manipulate your own front-end code using Chunks.

PHP Snippets

Integrate your own PHP Snippets, or leverage a powerful library of pre-packaged Snippets that extend MODX's core functionality on an ad-hoc basis. Use only what you need for your site. Learn the basics in this tutorial.

Template Variables

Template Variables ("TVs") are simply custom fields: easy-to-use input fields for site admins and content editors, yet full control for designers and developers. Learn all about them in this tutorial.

MODX Elements Combined

This tutorial shows you how to combine the various Elements discussed in previous videos to fully leverage the power and flexibility of MODX. By the end of this video, you should have a basic understanding of how to use Snippets, TVs, Chunks and Templates to build a simple yet dynamic custom website in MODX.