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Building the core is necessary when a change affects the (default) installation. It is the process by which core/packages/core.transport.zip is created, which is used by the setup.


When running the build for the first time, you need to prepare some files, first.

Copy the file _build/build.config.sample.php to _build/build.config.php.

Copy the file _build/build.properties.sample.php to _build/build.properties.php.

Only copy the files - you do not typically have to make any changes to them.

Running the build

To run the build, you'll need to execute the _build/transport.core.php file. This process typically takes anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds.

You can open the file in the browser, or ideally run it from the commandline:

php _build/transport.core.php

Run setup

With the new core package generated, go through the setup process in the browser.