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These policies are subject to change.

Policy for expenditure on the MODX Security Team

  • Must be an active volunteer on the MODX Security Team
  • Must keep a statement of time spent on specific reported issues - initially not intended to cover pentesting/auditing until budget grows
  • Expense must be approved by Security Team Lead (Jason)
  • Hourly rate capped at $50/hr
  • Capped at 60 hours per year ($3000) per volunteer, may be removed if overall budget allows

Policy for expenditure on Core Development

  • Must be an active volunteer core developer on the Integrators Team (i.e. have merge access), or someone assigned by the Integrators Team before the work is performed
  • Covers time spent on project work for the MODX core: generic maintenance, reviewing submissions, merging submissions, project management (prioritisation/triage)
  • Also covers time spent on development of features, improvements, or bug fixes that have been approved by a majority of the Integrators Team. The exact process of such approvals is to be determined.
  • Expense must be approved by Code Owners (Jason, Mark) once work is done.
  • Hourly rate capped at $40/hr
  • Capped at 200 hours per year ($8000) per volunteer and 40 hours per month ($1600), may be removed if overall budget allows

Policy for one-off projects

  • Detailed pitch including estimated budget must be provided on the Core Development forum
  • Hourly rate capped at $40/hr for development, design, or project management on larger projects
  • Total cap for a one-off projects is one month of the OpenCollective budget if at least three times the total project budget is currently in the balance
  • The pitch must be approved by a supermajority (2/3rds) of the Integrators Team prior to performing the work

Policy for bounties

  • Bounties are a fixed reward for a specific issue or feature
  • Bounties must be pre-approved and set by the OpenCollective admins
  • The work must be accepted by the integrators team before a bounty may be claimed

Policy for MODX Event Sponsorship

  • To request sponsorship, please contact the OpenCollective admins. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Generally speaking, sponsorship is limited to $15 per attendee, may be increased if overall budget allows
  • Only for community events. This means sponsorship will not be offered to in-house company events or events that are invite-only.


It's worth nothing payouts to Russia and Ukraine are currently limited on Open Collective. Hopefully we'll be able to involve our Russian community in this funding in the future.