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Other versions: 3.x — Found a problem? Please edit this page or report an issue.


This method is removed in 2.1, and replaced by $modX->runProcessor

Executes a specific processor. The only argument is an array, which can take the following values:

  • action - The action to take, similar to connector handling.
  • processors_path - If specified, will override the default MODX processors path.
  • location - A prefix to load processor files from, will prepend to the action parameter.


API Doc: http://api.modx.com/revolution/2.2/db_core_model_modx_modx.class.html#%5CmodX::runProcessor()

mixed executeProcessor (array $options)


Execute the Context getList processor:

    'location' => 'context',
    'action' => 'getList',

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