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Grabs a processed Lexicon Entry.

This may also be a modLexicon object as well, if the Lexicon has been loaded. PHP supports having objects and methods with the same name.


API Doc: modX::lexicon()

string lexicon (string $key, [array $params = array()], [$language = ''])
  • $key (string) lexicon key. required
  • $params (array) array of additional parameters for passing values into the record, see second example below
  • $language (string) language key, cultureKey value will be used by default.


Output the translation of the 'welcome_message' Entry, and sets the 'name' Placeholder in it.

echo $modx->lexicon('welcome_message', array('name' => 'John'), 'en');

The above example assumes a message that contains a placeholder for "name", e.g.

$_lang['welcome_message'] = 'Hello [[+name]]!  How are you today?';

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