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Forwards the request to another resource without changing the URL. If the ID provided does not exist, sends to a 404 Error page.


API Doc: modX::sendForward()

void sendForward (integer $id, [string|array $options = null], [boolean $sendErrorPage = true])
  • $id is a Resource ID (you cannot sendForward to an URL - if you need to pass some value, use modX::setPlaceholder and call that on the target resource).
  • $options is assumed to be a proper HTTP response code when it is a string, eg "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently". If it's an array, you can use the following options:
    • response_code: response code, please see example below
    • error_type: response code type, please see example below. F.e. 404
    • error_header: "Header:" value
    • error_pagetitle: error pagetitle value
    • error_message: error message
    • merge: a way to merge the resource currently in $modx->resource with the target resource. The content, pub_date, unpub_date, richtext, _content and _processed values are excluded as well as the value of the forward_merge_excludes system setting. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be used out of the core and there's probably better ways to get data combined (eg: setPlaceholder) then merging.
  • $sendErrorPage Whether we should skip the sendErrorPage if the resource does not exist.


Send the user to Resource ID 234 without actually changing the URL.


Send user to 404 Error page, for actual page ID we use error_page system setting value. If there is no such value, the value of site_start will be used.

$options = array(
   'response_code' => '404 Not Found',
   'error_type' => '404',
   'error_header' => '404 Not Found',
   'error_pagetitle' => 'Error 404: Page not found',
   'error_message' => '<h1>Page not found</h1><p>The page you requested was not found.</p>'
$this->sendForward($this->getOption('error_page', $options, $this->getOption('site_start')), $options, false);

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