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Include a class by fully qualified name. This is a handy way to perform an include_once operation to include a .class.php file. If the file is not found, false is returned and a warning is logged. This only includes the class: it does not instantiate an instance of it.


API Docs: https://api.modx.com/revolution/2.2/db_core_xpdo_xpdo.class.html#\xPDO::loadClass()

string|boolean loadClass (string $fqn, [ $path = ''], [ $ignorePkg = false], [ $transient = false])

The $fqn (fully qualified name) should in the format:


which will translate to:



  • The file name you are including must include .class.php as its extension.
  • The path to your model must end in a trailing slash!


Load a class from the path '/my/path/to/model/'.


Another example:

if (!$xpdo->loadClass('myBox','/my/path/to/model/',true,true)) {
    die('Could not load class myBox!');
$Box = new myBox();

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