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AdvSearchForm Snippet

This snippet displays a search form for AdvSearch.


Simply place wherever you want a SearchForm to render, and add the 'landing' property to the call to specify the Resource where the AdvSearch snippet call is located (which is where the results will display).

[[!AdvSearchForm? &landing=`82`]]

If you'd like the results to show on the same page, simply place the AdvSearch snippet call below the AdvSearchForm call, and don't specify a 'landing' parameter.

Available Properties

AdvSearch Features

To set or unset features.

Name Description Default
clearDefault Clearing default text. Set this to 0 if you wouldn't like the clear default text feature. 1
help To add a help link near the search form. Set 1 (displayed) or 0 (hidden). 1

Overall AdvSearch design

To design your own search.

Name Description Default
asId Unique id for AdvSearch instance. Any combination of characters a-z, underscores, and numbers 0-9. Case sensitive. as0
landing The Resource that the AdvSearch snippet is called on, that will display the results of the search.
method Whether to send the search over POST or GET. GET
searchIndex The name of the REQUEST parameter that the search will use. search
toPlaceholder Whether to set the output to directly return, or set to a placeholder with this propertys name.
tpl The chunk that will be used to display the search form. SearchForm

Custom installation

The parameters that could help you for a custom installation.

Name Description Default
addJs Set this to 1 if you would like to include the advsearchform.min.js file, 0 if not 1
addCss Set this to 1 if you would like to include the advsearch.css file, 0 if not 1
addJQuery Set this to 1 if you would like to include or not the jQuery library in the header of your pages automatically 1
jsJQuery Url where is located the jquery javascript library assets/components/advsearch/js/jquery-1.5.1.min.js
jsSearchForm Url (under assets/) where is located the js library used with the form (help, clearDefault, ...) assets/components/advsearch/js/advsearchform.min.js

AdvSearchForm Chunks

There is 1 chunk that is processed in AdvSearchForm. Its corresponding AdvSearchForm parameter is:

  • tpl - The Chunk to use for the search form.


Display the search form, without but search with POST instead of GET:

[[AdvSearchForm? &method=`POST`]]

Set the search form to a 'search.form' placeholder, specify a landing page on Resource 82, and use a custom Chunk called 'MySearchForm' for the form template:

[[AdvSearchForm? &tpl=`MySearchForm` &landing=`82` &toPlaceholder=`search.form`]]


Display two search forms, the first one (as0) without the help link and the second one (as1) without the clearDefault feature:

[[AdvSearchForm? &help=`0`]]
[[AdvSearchForm? &asId=`as1` &clearDefault=`0`]]


The following error message are possible:

  • AdvSearch runs only with charset UTF-8.
  • AdvSearch runs only with the multibyte extension on. See Lexicon and language system settings.

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