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AdvSearch's paging0Tpl Chunk

A Chunk named "Paging0" is provided with AdvSearch. This Chunk name is set as &paging0Tpl property on the AdvSearchAdvSearch snippet.

Default Value

<span class="advsea-result-pages">[[%advsearch.result_pages? &namespace=`advsearch` &topic=`default`]]</span>[[+paging0]]

Available Placeholders

Name Description
paging0 The pagination.

AdvSearch's pageTpl and CurrentPageTpl Chunks

Two Chunks named "PageLink" and "CurrentPageLink" are provided to set up the paging type 0. These Chunk names are set as &pageTpl and &currentPageTpl properties on the AdvSearch snippet.

<span class="advsea-page"><a href="[[+link]]">[[+text]]</a></span>
<span class="advsea-page advsea-current-page">[[+text]]</span>

Available Placeholders

Name Description
link The link to the page
text The page number

You could define the separator between page link numbers by using the pagingSeparator parameter.

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