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AdvSearch's tpl Chunk

A Chunk named "AdvSearchResult" is provided with AdvSearch. This Chunk name is set as &tpl property on the AdvSearch snippet.

Default Value

<div class="advsea-result">
    <h3>[[+idx]]. <a href="[[+link:is=``:then=`[[~[[+id]]]]`:else=`[[+link]]`]]" title="[[+longtitle]]">[[+pagetitle]]</a></h3>

Available Placeholders

Name Description
idx Number of result. could be use inside the AdvSearchResult chunk to alternate class.
link By setting this placeholder you override the Resource id as url target
id The resource id used as url target
extracts The extracts

but also

Name Description
fieldName Any field value from the list of fields provided by the field parameter.
TVName Any TV value from the list of TV provided by the withTVs and includeTVs parameter.

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