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Archivist's tpl Chunk

This is the Chunk displayed with the &tpl property on the Archivist snippet.

Default Value

<li class="[[+cls]]">
    <a href="[[+url]]" title="[[+date]]">[[+date]]</a> ([[+count]])

Available Placeholders

Name Description
url The URL that will go to the appropriate archive.
cls The CSS class to use, specified as a property in the Archivist snippet call.
date The formatted time span that is being archived.
count The number of Resources in the 'date'.
month The number month. (01,07,11,etc)
month_name The name of the month.
month_name_abbr The abbreviated name of the month.
year The 4-digit year.
day The numeric of the day (01,24,31,etc)
day_formatted The day, with a postfix 'th', 'rd' or 'nd'. (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
weekday The name of the weekday.
weekday_idx The index of the weekday.

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