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Removed See BannerY

Display images with hyperlinks at designated positions in a page. The developer is Bezumkin / Jeroen Kenters.


0.2.0 beta, released 10th of May 2012.


[[BannerX? &position=`1` &sortby=`RAND()` &limit=`1`]]

This will retrieve randomly one banner that is set to be active for assigned position 1.

Available Properties

Name Description Default
tpl Name of a chunk serving as a recourse template bxAd
sortdir Order of the results ASC
sortby Return results in random order RAND()
limit If set to non-zero, will only show X number of items 5
position If set to non-zero, will retrieve only images that are assigned to the position given. 0

Available Placeholders

Name Description
image The image assigned to this banner
name The name assigned to this banner
url The url assigned to this banner