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Display images with hyperlinks at designated positions in a page. Fork from Jeroen Kenters BannerX (it was removed from MODX repository by author).


[[BannerY? &position=`1` &sortby=`RAND()` &limit=`1`]]

This will retrieve randomly one banner that is set to be active for assigned position 1.

Available Properties

Name Description Default
tpl Name of a chunk serving as a recourse template byAd
sortdir Order of the results ASC
sortby Return results in random order RAND()
limit If set to non-zero, will only show X number of items 5
position If set to non-zero, will retrieve only images that are assigned to the position given. 0

Available Placeholders

Name Description
idx The index of banner in this position
image The image assigned to this banner
name The name assigned to this banner
url The url assigned to this banner
description Any text message for this banner