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This is the chunk displayed with the ¤tCrumbTpl property on the BreadCrumb snippet. Used for the current crumb.

Default Value

Since BreadCrumb 1.3.0, currentCrumbTpl is no longer a chunk but a snippet property. Templates properties can be chunk name, file path (@FILE:) or chunk code (@CODE:)


Available Placeholders

Name Description
link A link to the resource of the crumb.
position The order of the item (to support BreadcrumbList.
useWebLinkUrl If you use the &useWebLinkUrl=1 property, the link will be the resource linked and
id pagetitle longtitle description menutitle ... All properties of the resource are output to their appropriate placeholders.


By default the current crumb isn't a link but it's very easy to change that. Replace the chunk by :

<li><a href="[[+link]]">[[+pagetitle]]</a></li>