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Available Properties

Version 1.0

The list view Chunks

Name Description Default Value
ChurchEvents_listEventTpl The event details for the list, ListDayHolderTpl
ChurchEvents_listDayHolderTpl The holder for a list of events.


Name Description Default Value
skin The concept is that you can copy and rename all tpls with the prefix ChurchEvents and give them your own prefix like MyCustomSkin. Now rather then declare each property change in the snippet call you can just declare the Skin you want to use. If you assign a value to a tpl property it will override the skin name for that one property. ChurchEvents
prominent List prominent events, if set can be Yes/No NULL
limit limit the number of events listed, must be numeric 15
calendarID Show one calendar, default shows all
categoryID Show one category, default shows all
year Choose a year to start from, default is current year(YYYY)
month Choose a month to start from, default is current month(MM)
day Choose a day to start from, default is current day (DD)


Basic this will show the next 15 events in a list


Show a list of events that are marked as prominent with a limit of 10