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Simply displays a calendar with events that are childrens of the current resource.


Display events from resources 5 and 11. Search for date in TV "date_of_event".


Display custom events, independent from resources.

  &events=`[{"id": "1","date": "2012-01-01 00:00:00","pagetitle": "Test page"},{"id": "2","date": "2012-01-02 12:05:00","pagetitle": "Test page 2"}]`

Snippet always must be called uncached.

Available Properties

Name Description Default Value
parents The ids of an comm-separated list of existing containers. ?urrent resource
events An json-array of events. Overrides all settings. Allows you to display random events from any source. Required date parameter in an array of events to date in the format "Ymd H:i:s". none
month A month to display events. date('m')
year A year to display events. date('Y')
dateSource Field for search the events date. It can be a TV. createdon
dateFormat Date format. Used strftime(). %d %b %Y %H:%M
hideContainers Hide containers? 0
showHidden Show hidden in menu resources? 1
includeContent Include content field? Disabling may increase perfomance. 1
includeTVs Include template variables? 0
includeTVList List of comma-separated template variables for including. none
processTVs Process template variables according to its type? 0
processTVList List of comma-separated template variables for processing of events. none
tplMain Name of existing chunk for templating calendar container. tplCalendar2
tplEvent Name of existing chunk for template events. tplEvent2
tplHead Name of existing chunk for template events. tplHead2
tplCell Name of existing chunk for template events. tplCell2
theme CSS theme for calendar. File must be in /core/assets/components/eventscalendar2/css/%themename%/theme.css.
For example theme bootstrap, included in package is in /core/assets/components/eventscalendar2/css/bootstrap/theme.css default
regCss Load built-in CSS (or theme) for calendar? 1
regJs Load built-in javascript for calendar? 1
plPrefix Placeholders prefix. ec.
calendar_id Unique id of calendar table on page. Calendar
class_calendar CSS classname for calendar table. calendar
class_dow CSS classname for day of week. dow
class_month CSS classname for month and year. month
class_workday CSS classname for workday. workday
class_weekend CSS classname for weekend. weekend
class_today CSS classname for today. today
class_event CSS classname for div container with event. event
class_isevent CSS classname for cell with event. isevent
class_noevent CSS classname for cell with no event. noevent
class_date CSS classname for date of event. date
class_emptyday CSS classname for empty day, with no date. emptyday
class_prev CSS classname for previous month button. prev
class_next CSS classname for next month button. next
btn_prev Text for the button of previuos month. «
btn_next Text for the button of next month. »
show_errors Show calendar errors on the webpage. 1
first_day 0 - first day of week is a sunday. 1 - first day of week is a monday. 1
time_shift Time shift from the server in seconds. Maybe positive or negative. 0

Source code

Here is this snippet on Github.

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