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This chunk is a header of the calendar.

    <td class="[[+ec.class_prev]]"><a href="[[+ec.link_prev]]">&larr;</a></td>
    <td class="[[+ec.class_month]]" colspan="5" style="text-align:center;"><strong>[[+ec.month_name]] [[+ec.year]]</strong></td>
    <td class="[[+ec.class_next]]"><a href="[[+ec.link_next]]">&rarr;</a></td>


Name Description
link_prev Link to next month
link_next Link to previous month
class_prev CSS classname for previous month button.
class_next CSS classname for next month button.
class_month CSS classname for month and year.
month_name Name of the current month/
month_prev Name of the previous month.
month_next Name of the next month.
year Current year.

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