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Display a list of downloadable files without revealing the file url.

This MODX Extra can be used to display a list of files from a directory. The download link for each file is hashed. This way, the full url of the file will not be revealed and the files/directories can be located outside the webroot. Each file can also be assigned a download counter, which is stored in a custom database table.

The FileDownloadR project was started in 2011 by Rico Goldsky as a rewite of the FileDownload Evolution package by Kyle Jaebker. It is maintained since 2023 by Thomas Jakobi.

FileDownloadR can be installed from within the MODX Revolution manager via Package Management, or from the MODX Extras Repository, available on modx.com/extras/package/filedownloadr

FileDownloadR has a GitHub repository at github.com/Jako/FileDownloadR. Any bug can be issued in the issue tracker

The package documentation can be found at jako.github.io/FileDownloadR