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FileLister Snippet

This snippet displays a list of files and/or directories within a given path.


Simply place the snippet anywhere and pass in a path:

[[FileLister? &path=`assets/downloads/`]]


Name Description Default Value
path The path to begin browsing in.
fileTpl The chunk for each file listing. feoFile
directoryTpl The chunk for each directory listing. feoDirectory
fileLinkTpl The chunk for the links for each listing. feoFileLink
dateFormat A PHP date format for the last modified field. %b %d, %Y
outputSeparator A separator that is appended to each listing. \n
skipDirs A comma-separated list of directory names to always skip. .svn, .git, .metadata, .tmp, .DS_Store, _notes
placeholderPrefix The prefix to append to all global placeholders set by the snippet. filelister
pathSeparator The separator between items generated in the +path placeholder. /
pathTpl The chunk for each item in the +path placeholder. feoPathLink
showFiles If false, will hide any files from the listing. 1
showDirectories If false, will hide any directories from the listing. 1
showExt A comma-separated list of extensions (omit the .) to restrict output of files to. If blank, all files will be shown. If any are specified, only files with those extensions will be shown.
sortBy The metric to sort by for each file. Can be 'extension', 'lastmod', 'bytesize' or 'filename'. filename
sortDir The direction to sort by for each file. ASC
allowDownload If false, will disable viewing and downloads of any files. 1
requireAuthDownload If true, will require users be logged in to view or download a file. 0
allowDownloadGroups A comma-separated list that, if set, will restrict file viewing/downloading to users in the specified groups.
toPlaceholder If set, will set the output to a placeholder with the specified name rather than directly outputting it.
navKey The REQUEST navigation key used for the browsing. fd
homePathName If you want to specify a custom name for the root when browsing, do so here.
limit Optional. Limit the number of records that show. Use 0 for showing all. 0
cls The CSS class to use for non-alternate rows. feo-row
altCls The CSS class to use for alternate rows. feo-alt-row
firstCls The CSS class to use for the first row. feo-first-row
lastCls The CSS class to use for the last row. feo-last-row
useGeolocation If true, will use the ipinfodb Geolocation service for downloads. You must have the filelister.ipinfodb_api_key setting set to your API key for this to work. 1

FileLister Chunks

There are 4 chunks that are processed in FileLister. Their corresponding parameters are:

  • fileTpl - The Chunk to use for each file listed.
  • directoryTpl - The Chunk to use for each directory listed.
  • fileLinkTpl - The Chunk to use for each link made for each item.
  • pathTpl - The chunk for each item in the path placeholder.


Display a list of only files within the 'assets/downloads/' path:

[[!FileLister? &path=`assets/downloads` &showDirectories=`0`]]

See Also

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