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The FormItLoadSavedForm preHook

This pre-hook will load the data for submitted forms by the provided hash, which is also available on the CMP of FormIt. It needs to be used together with the FormIt.Hooks.FormItSaveForm


To use the preHook, you need to use the following snippet call

    &formFields=`name,address,zipCode,town` // parameter of FormItSaveForm
// open the page in the browser
// http://your-domain.com/path/to/form?yourCustomGetParameter=<FormHashFromFormItCMP>

Please note: you must not use the parameter fieldNames because it makes assigning the form values to the fields impossible

Available Properties

It has the following properties to be passed into the FormIt snippet call:

name description
savedFormHashKeyField The get parameter to take the submission hash from the url. Defaults to "savedFormHashKey".
updateSavedForm If loading the previously submitted form values should be possible. Defaults to false.
returnValueOnFail If the preHook should return true on fail. Defaults to true

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