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Using a Blank No-Spam Field

Often, spambots fill every form field to pass validation. Thus, a good way to prevent spam is to add a field in your form and require it to be blank for submission to succeed.

FormIt provides you with the "blank" validator, which can be used to achieve a "nospam" field.


Simply add the following input into your form. You can change the name of the field at any time; using commonly used field names like "workemail" can be used to trick spambots into filling in the field:

<input type="hidden" name="workemail" value="" />

Then, in your FormIt call, add the blank validation:

[[!FormIt? &validate=`workemail:blank`]]

If you wish to provide an error message to be displayed, you can do so in the normal FormIt syntax (this example would be [[+fi.error.workemail]]).

Make sure not to use an existing field name in your form for the nospam field! This will prevent FormIt from processing your form.

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