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fiProcessArrays concatenates array values into strings so that they can be used in an email report.

Some (later?) versions of FormIt handle array values already, but fiProcessArrays can be useful if you need extra customization or if have any trouble with multiple checkboxes not showing up in fiGenerateReport.

To use, call the fiGenerateReport hook before the hooks that would use the converted values (such as "fiGenerateReport" and/or "email").


Available Properties

The following parameters can be passed to the FormIt call:

Name Description Default Value Version Added
fipaTpl Optional chunk to pass each value of each field through. You can use placeholders [[+name]] and [[+value]] for the field name and field value. 1.1.1
fipaWrapTpl Optional chunk called for each field, but only if there are values. It uses a single placeholder: [[+values]] nospam,blank,recaptcha_challenge_field,recaptcha_response_field 1.1.1
fipaFieldSuffix The suffix to append to each array field name with the results of the array concatenation. For example, if the suffix is "_values" and the array field name is "colors[]", the placeholder available on your FormIt email report is [[+colors_values]] _values
fipaValueSeparator The placeholder to use for the output. (empty) if a fipaTpl is set, otherwise ',' (comma) 1.1.1
fipaList A shortcut to generate an HTML bulleted list of each field name. Wraps each array value in and all of the values for a field in False
fipaExcludedFields List of field names for which to not process array values.