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List of Included Extras in FX2


  • getResources

Usage: getResources Documentation

  • getPage

Usage: getPage Documentation

  • Wayfinder

Usage: Wayfinder Documentation

  • Redirectoid

Usage: Redirectoid Blog Post

  • imgattr

Usage: imgattr Blog Post

  • requestCategory

Usage: this simply returns true or false. Used in the BlogHomeTemplate to change the property set for the getResourcesTag snippet call, like this:



  • fx2saveCustomCss

Usage: FX2 Documentation

Usage: Ace in the Extras Repo

  • CKEditor

Usage: CKEditor in the Extras Repo


  • ClientConfig

Usage: ClientConfig Documentation

  • cssSweet

Usage: cssSweet Documentation

  • FormIt

Usage: FormIt Documentation

  • getUserProfiles

Usage: getUserProfiles Blog Post