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The Slimbox Plugin allows you to quickly output a Gallery and display its image thumbnails, with a simple lightbox overlay when you click a thumbnail. It uses the Slimbox2 plugin for jQuery.


Simply add this parameter to the Gallery snippet:

[[!Gallery? &plugin=`slimbox`]]

Available Properties

Slimbox comes with its own custom properties. You can pass these into the Gallery snippet to override their defaults.

Name Description Default Value
slimboxUseCss If 1, will use the provided slimbox CSS file. 1
slimboxCss If slimboxUseCss is 1, will load CSS file in this property. If none is set, will use the default provided one. {slimbox_url}packages/slimbox/css/slimbox2.css
slimboxRenderJsOnStartup Load the Slimbox JS in the HEAD of the page. If set to 0, will load it at the bottom. 1
slimboxLoadJQuery If set to 1, will add JQuery to load in the page. Leave at 0 if you're already loading jQuery (recommended). 0
slimboxJQueryUrl If slimboxLoadJQuery is set to 1, will load the jQuery JS file from this URL. https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js
slimboxJsTpl The tpl chunk for the slimbox JS. You can most likely ignore this setting. slimbox/js

There are also properties that affect how Slimbox behaves:

Name Description Default Value
loop If set to 1, allows the user to navigate between the first and last images of a Slimbox gallery, when there is more than one image to display. 0
overlayOpacity The level of opacity of the background overlay. 1 Is opaque, 0 is completely transparent. 0.8
overlayFadeDuration The duration of the overlay fade-in and fade-out animations, in milliseconds. Set it to 0 to disable the overlay fade effects. 400
resizeDuration The duration of the resize animation for width and height, in milliseconds. Set it to 0 to disable resize animations. 400
resizeEasing The name of the easing effect that you want to use for the resize animation (jQuery Easing Plugin required for all but "swing"). Many easings require a longer execution time to look good, so you should adjust the resizeDuration option above as well. swing
initialWidth The initial width of the overlay box, in pixels. 250
initialHeight The initial height of the overlay box, in pixels. 250
imageFadeDuration The duration of the image fade-in animation, in milliseconds. Set it to 1 to disable this effect and make the image appear instantly. 400
captionAnimationDuration The duration of the caption animation, in milliseconds. Set it to 1 to disable it and make the caption appear instantly. 400
counterText Text value; allows you to customize, translate or disable the counter text which appears in the captions when multiple images are shown. Inside the text, {x} will be replaced by the current image index, and {y} will be replaced by the total number of images. Set it to false (boolean value, without quotes) or "" to disable the counter display. "Image {x} of {y}"


Load slimbox for the album with ID 2, and make it loop continuously. Also, load jQuery.


Load slimbox for the album with ID 2, and put the JS and CSS at the bottom of the page.


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