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This is a work-in-progress roadmap for Gallery.

Tasks in purple are already finished in Git. Ones in green are finished in beta/rc versions.

Future Versions

Far Future Features

  • Video support

Future Features

  • Integration (either data grabbing or importing from) with flickr, picasa, other 3rd party services

Released Versions


  • Add DB caching to Gallery and GalleryAlbums snippets, reducing page load times
  • Add total number of items to galleryalbums album item when cover is shown
  • Add Slimbox2 as a front-end plugin
  • Add url to the item attributes for each item
  • Add parameter &checkForRequestAlbumVar to change parameter &parent when you want to show child albums of current album
  • Add per page box to paging bar in album items view
  • Better optimization of DB fields
  • Gallery 1.5+ only supports MODX 2.2+ and greater
  • Add GalleryAlbums Media Source type
  • Fix absolute paths in Gallery settings that caused pain when moving sites
  • Trim item/album names on save


  • Add &gallerifficCss property for specifying an alternate CSS file for Galleriffic plugin
  • Fix issue with thumbnails and caching in certain environments
  • Fix issue with TinyMCE not being re-instantiated when opening the update item window after the first time.
  • Update ajaxupload to support IE / old-school image upload.
  • Add ability to clear successful / failed uploads in multi upload window


  • Add multi-upload to Gallery albums
  • Add richtext (if TinyMCE installed) to Item/Album description page


  • Change thumbnail logic to use phpthumbof style php code in connector, vastly improving load/thumbnailing speed, and properly caching images
  • Zip upload now accepts zip files with just files inside
  • Fix issue with Gallery and Revolution 2.1.1+
  • Added GalleryAlbumList custom TV, for selecting Albums in a TV
  • Fix bug where creating Album did not respect parent
  • Add random sorting to albums in GalleryAlbums


  • Watermark support for albums
  • Allow batch import from .zip files
  • Add getPage support
  • Add URL field to galItem objects
  • Migrate storage of images from date-centric to album-centric
  • i18n of Snippet properties


  • Add a custom TV for selecting images from Gallery itself and inserting them into a TV
  • Add album cover ability to GalleryAlbums snippet
  • Improve caching


  • Batch import from a directory into an album
  • Plugin architecture for different front-end display modes
  • Galleriffic support as FE plugin
  • Drag/drop sorting in backend for albums
  • Tight integration between all snippets
  • Initial release