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This is the Chunk displayed with the &thumbTpl property on the Gallery snippet.

Default Value

<div class="[[+cls]]">
    <a href="[[+linkToImage:if=`[[+linkToImage]]`:is=`1`:then=`[[+image_absolute]]`:else=`[[~[[*id]]?
            &[[+tagRequestVar]]=`[[+tag]]` ]]`]]">
        <img class="[[+imgCls]]" src="[[+thumbnail]]" alt="[[+name]]" />

Available Placeholders

Name Description
name The name of the Item.
filename The base filename of the Item.
filesize The size of the file for the Item.
thumbnail A URL to the generated thumbnail image for this Item.
image A URL to the generated image for this item.
image_absolute The actual image URL (instead of the thumbnail/image placeholders which have been run through phpthumb based on snippet properties).
description The description of the item.
mediatype The media type of the Item. Currently this is only 'image'.
createdon The timestamp that this Item was created on.
createdby The User ID of the creator of this Item.
active If this Item is active or not. Can be 1 or 0.
tags A list of Tags associated with this Item.
cls The value of the &itemCls property on the Gallery Snippet. Defaults to 'gal-item'.
linkToImage In the default content, if true, will link directly to the Image rather than appending the imageGetParam placeholder to a request param. Defaults to 1.
imageGetParam The GET param to use when adding a GET param to link with the GalleryItem snippet. Defaults to 'galItem'.
albumRequestVar The GET param to use to add when linking with the GalleryItem snippet. Clicking the image will stay on the selected Album with this Snippet.
album The currently displayed Album.

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