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This roadmap is only an indication of the ideas as they stand right now. They can change based on time constraints, user feedback (preferably via the issue tracker), contributions or my mood.

The items listed are in random order and can be pushed back or dragged forward without notice.

Numbers between brackets refer to issue numbers in the bug tracker.

HandyMan 1.0.0-pl

HandyMan 1.1.0

HandyMan 1.1 will focus on improving the base we set up now, and making it easier to work with. Also opening up the doors for custom themes in this release.

HandyMan 1.1 can see the requirements being upped to MODX 2.1.5 or higher (compared to 2.0.8 in HandyMan 1.0)

HandyMan 1.2.0

HandyMan 1.2 will likely focus on more customization, and providing the means for extending its behaviour without touching the core code.

... to be continued ...