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What is Profile?

Profile sets all the current User's (or a specified User's) Profile fields as placeholders, allowing you to display User Profile information on a page.


Simply add this Snippet to whatever page you want to set the User's Profile fields as placeholders on:


And then display them with placeholders like such:

<p>Username: [[+username]]</p>
<p>Email: [[+email]]</p>
<p>State: [[+state]]</p>

The password fields are never set as placeholders, and are never accessible, for security reasons.

Profile Properties

Profile comes with some default properties you can override. They are:

Name Description Default
prefix A string to prefix all placeholders for fields that will be set by this Snippet.
user Optional. Either a user ID or username. If set, will use this user rather than the currently logged in one.
useExtended If true, will set as placeholders all extended fields as well. 1


Display the currently logged in user's email and username.


<p>Username: [[+username]]</p>
<p>Email: [[+email]]</p>

Grab the profile for the user 'marksmith', and add a prefix to the placeholders of 'user.':

[[!Profile? &user=`marksmith` &prefix=`user.`]]

Display the currently logged in username's favorite color (an extended field), with the prefix of 'usr.':

[[!Profile? &prefix=`usr.`]]

<p>[[+usr.username]]'s favorite color is [[+usr.color]]</p>

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