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What is ResetPassword?

ResetPassword is a simple Snippet that is used in conjunction with ForgotPassword, allowing users to retrieve and reset their password. This Snippet is placed on the page the User will receive in an email, which when they visit will reset their password.


To use the password retrieval functionality, first create the Resource the user will log in to should they click on the confirmation email, and put the ResetPassword snippet in. Tell it what Resource the Login snippet is in - or where you'd like it to provide a link back to:

[[!ResetPassword? &loginResourceId=`72`]]

Then create another resource with the ForgotPassword snippet, and tell it what Resource the Reset snippet is in:

[[!ForgotPassword? &resetResourceId=`123`]]

ResetPassword Properties

ResetPassword comes with some default properties you can override. They are:

Name Description Default
tpl The reset password message tpl. May be the type specified by the tplType property. lgnResetPassTpl
tplType The type of tpl being provided by tpl modChunk
loginResourceId The resource to direct users to on successful reset. 1
expiredTpl The temporary password has expired tpl. lgnExpiredTpl
changePasswordTpl The change password form tpl. lgnResetPassChangePassTpl
autoLogin Immediately log in the user upon clicking the reset link from email. false
forceChangePassword Require immediate password change upon clicking the reset link from email. false

tplType Options

The tplType property takes a different options. They can be:

  • modChunk - The tpl provided must be the name of a chunk.
  • file - Must be an absolute path to the tpl file.
  • inline - The content of the tpl will be directly in the tpl property itself.
  • embedded - The tpl is already in the page; just make the error properties be placeholders.

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