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What is LogPageNotFound?

The LogPageNotFound plugin for MODX Revolution logs all requests that result in a 404 (page not found) error. It will not slow down the site, because it only executes when a page is not found.

You will almost certainly find that there are links out there for pages you've changed the alias of and possibly links at your own site that no longer work. Using the information in the log, you can create either weblinks on the site or redirect rules in your .htaccess file to send visitors to the right place.

When examining the log, you'll also see evildoers looking for a variety of security holes trying to access files and directories that never existed. Once you know what they're looking for, you can block them in .htaccess.

Package Information

  • Downloads: 2,339
  • License: GPLv2
  • Requires: Revolution 2.0.x or greater
  • Supports: mysql,sqlsrv


This version of the LogPageNotFound extra was developed by Bob Ray. It was first posted to GitHub on Dec 07, 2011. As of Jun 22, 2017 it had been last updated on Jun 22, 2017, had 18 commits, and had been downloaded 2,339 times. The LogPageNotFound package consists of 225 separate files, containing 2,703 lines of code.

It is currently maintained by Bob Ray.


LogPageNotFound can be downloaded and installed from within the MODX Revolution Manager via Package Manager (Extras -> Installer), or from the MODX Extras Repository.

Development and Bug Reporting

LogPageNotFound is stored and developed using GitHub, and can be found here: LogPageNotFound GitHub main page.

Bugs and feature requests can be filed here: LogPageNotFound issues page..

Questions about how to use LogPageNotFound should be posted on the MODX Forums.


The full documentation for LogPageNotFound can be found at the author's web site (Bob's Guides): LogPageNotFound Documentation.