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What is MigxCalendars?

MigxCalendars is a Date-Management-Extra for Revolution. It is using Adam Shaw's fullcalendar and migxAngular for viewing/editing any kind of events/dates.

This is the first public-beta for people, who want to play a bit around with it and to show what is possible with migxAngular. Its currently not meant to be used in production, as it needs testers, ideas, contributors, translators to help bring this Extra to a release state.


  • MODX Revolution
  • MigX – min-version: 2.6.8 pl
  • PHP5 or later

Optional Requirements

MigxAngular (For front-page editing, if desired) – min-version: 1.0.0 beta3 https://github.com/Bruno17/migxangular/tree/master/packages


MigxCalendars currently is only available at https://github.com/Bruno17/migxCalendars. It will be added to the MODX Repository at a later date.

Development and Bug Reporting

migxCalendars is currently in beta and still being developed. MigxCalendars is stored and developed in GitHub, and can be found here:https://github.com/Bruno17/migxCalendars


  1. MigxCalendars requires the MIGX Extra. Install MIGX first.
  2. Download the latest package from https://github.com/Bruno17/migxCalendars/tree/mast...
  3. Upload the migxCalendars package to your Package Manager
  4. Follow the instructions at http://www.webcmsolutions.de/en/modx-extras/migxcalendars/installation.html


For more Information see: