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Often we have the problem with lots of Resources in the Resource-Tree to be very confused at some point and we wish, we would have a better way to manage them in a paginated grid view.

In this Tuorial we will learn how to create a TV which shows a grid of child-resources, where you can add, delete, remove, edit, publish, unpublish, filter, bulk-update child-resources of the currently edited Resource (parent-folder)

First we will create a basic Configuration where we can just add new Child-Resources and edit the pagetitle, longtitle and Content-field of our Children. Later we want to add one or more TVs, which we want to have editable and we want to add some filters, where we can filter our children.


First off we will need to install MIGX by package-management, if not already done, and do some basic configurations. Minimum Required version: MIGX 2.2.3 (31.07.2012 We need also install the latest package of migxchildresources from github

Import the Configuration

Now we want to import the example - configuration for the MIGXdb-TV.

Go to the main-tab 'MIGX'

There should be a grid with some buttons above.

We click 'Import from package'

In the opening window we type: 'migxchildresources'

Click 'Ok'

We should see a new imported record in our grid.

You can check what it has done by right-clicking the record and choose 'edit' and go through the tabs and their nested grids.

Set the Templates for our parent and children

We want all our children have a given template. So we need to set the template-value somehow.

Create the template for the Child resources to use - we'll need the ID of this template for the configuration.

This can be done by a hidden-field in our form. To do so:

  1. right-click our childstutorial - record in the MIGX-configurator-grid and click 'Edit'
  2. open the tab 'formtabs'
  3. right-click on 'Resource' and click 'Edit'
  4. right-click on 'template' and click 'Edit'
  5. open the tab 'Input Options' and change the Default-Value to the template-ID, which our child-resources should have.
  6. click done, done, done on all three windows to save the changes we made.

Create another template for the Parent resource. This template will be the one used to hold the grid TV.

Create the MIGXdb - TV

now we create our MIGXdb - TV. Create a new TV. Name: childstutorial

Go to the tab: 'Input Options'

Select Input Type: 'migxdb' Under 'Configurations' add: 'childstutorial'

This says MIGX to search for configurations with name 'childstutorial' This can be configuration-records as we have done above or php-files as it is done for the MIGX-configs-CMP. The MIGX-config-CMP is itself nothing more than a MIGXdb-CMP.

Assign this 'childstutorial' TV to our Parent resource's template.

click 'Save' to save the newly created TV.

Creating and Editing child-Resources

Create a parent-Resource in the resource-tree using your Parent-resource-template.

Go to the TV-tab. By clicking 'Load grid' this should load our db-grid where we can add,edit,delete child-resources of our parent-Resource.

Now we have created a very basic child-Resources-management, which should already work for minimal requirements.

When using the grid in TV tab don't set the grid to "autoload" (in MIGXdb Settings tab in the MIGX configurator) because the grid will not render to full width, as explained here: https://github.com/Bruno17/MIGX/issues/75#issuecomment-15505640

Some of the next steps are allready done with the import of the configuration. They are left in this Tutorial to document, how it was done.

Adding some TVs to our form

In this step we want to add three TVs to our form:

  • MIGX-TV to add and manage some images to our child-resource
  • Text-TV for a Price-field
  • Multiselect-TV for choosing one or more Categories for our child-resource

The MIGX-TV for some images

Create a new TV:

  • Name: images
  • Type: migx
  • Formtabs:
{"caption":"Image", "fields": [
    {"field":"title","caption":"Title","description":"Title for the image."},

Grid Columns:

{"header": "Title", "width": "160", "sortable": "true", "dataIndex": "title"},
{"header": "Image", "width": "50", "sortable": "false", "dataIndex": "image","renderer": "this.renderImage"}

"Add Item" Replacement: Add Image

Text-TV for a Price-field

Name: price Type: text

Multiselect-TV for choosing one or more Categories for our child-resource

  • Name: categories
  • Type: listbox multiple
  • Input-option-values: ---==||categoryA||categoryB||categoryC||categoryD

Add this TVs to your child-resources-template, but not to your parent-resource-template!

Adding the TVs to our Form

Go to the MIGX-Management-Component into the TAB 'MIGX' -> right click to the record 'childstutorial' -> click 'edit' -> go to 'Formtabs' -> click 'Add Item'

  • caption: TVs

  • fields: -> Add three items

  • fieldname: price

  • caption: Price

  • fieldname: images

  • caption: Images

  • iputTV: images

  • fieldname: categories

  • Caption: Categories

  • inputTV: categories

to save them, click ->Done

Register the TVs for our processors (getlist,fields)

We need to register TVs to include them in the getlist- and fields-processors. Todo so we need a new config-file under /core/components/migx/configs/

with the same name as our MIGX-configuration: childstutorial.config.inc.php (should already be installed with the MIGX-package) and this content:


$this->customconfigs['includeTVs'] = 1;
$this->customconfigs['includeTVList'] = 'price,images,categories';

All TVs you want to edit or you want to show in the grid needs to be in the includeTVList - customconfig

Pay attention on how you name the TVs and fields, they should not contain any dots "." inside their names because that is used for extended fields and results in unexpected behavior with MIGXdb as explained here: http://forums.modx.com/thread/83428/strange-issue-migxdb-childresources-tutorial-tvs-not-saved#dis-post-460312 Fieldnames and TV names should be the same.

Add a sortable price-column to the grid

Go to the TAB 'Columns' -> click 'Add Item'

  • Header: Price
  • Field: price
  • width: 20
  • sortable: yes

Now we should be able to update this TVs in our grids-editor-window.

Adding Filters

In this step we add some filters to our grid.

  • Textbox-filter to search in pagetitle,longtitle and content
  • dropdown-filter to filter by category

Go to MIGX-Management and open our configuration (childstutorial), open the TAB DB-Filters, click Add Item to add a new filter.

Textbox Filter for searching in some fields

  • filter Name: search
  • label: search
  • empty text: search...
  • getlist-where:
  • filter Name: category
  • label: category
  • empty text: - category filter -
  • filter type: combobox
  • getlist-where:
  • getcombo processor: getTVcombo
  • getcombo textfield: categories (this is used in our getTVcombo-processor to get the input-options of the TV categories for our filter-dropdown)

Save them all with clicking Done on all windows

Now you should be able to filter the child-resources by searching and/or choosing a category

Hiding children from tree

Hiding our child-resources from resource-tree is very easy.

go to the MIGX-Configurator and add a new field to one of the formtabs:

  • Fieldname: show_in_tree
  • Caption: Show in Tree
  • inputTVtype: listbox
  • inputOptionValues: no==0||yes==1

You can also show the status of this field in the grid by adding a new column:

  • Header: Show in Tree
  • Field: show_in_tree
  • width: 20
  • Renderer: this.RenderCrossTick