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What is Notify?

Notify sends email updates to users on your site and (optionally) posts to Twitter and Facebook. The users can be selected by User Group, and/or by tags specifying user interests. The updates are manual, rather than automatic, so Notify only sends them when you tell it to. The Subscribe extra works with Notify to let users manage their preferences and group memberships.

By default, Notify automatically sends a link to the page you were editing when you launched it, but it can also be used for free-form email messages to selected users, or all users.

Notify pre-fills an update form based on Tpl chunks you can modify. During the pre-fill process, Notify will (optionally) shorten any URLs using any one of a number of URL-shortening services. For services like Google, bit.ly, StumbleUpon, and TinyURL, Notify will use your API key during the shortening process.

Package Information

  • Downloads: 3,796
  • License: GPLv2
  • Requires: Revolution 2.2.x or greater
  • Supports: mysql,sqlsrv


This version of the Notify extra was developed by Bob Ray. It was first posted to GitHub on Jun 10, 2012. As of Jun 22, 2017 it had been last updated on Jun 22, 2017, had 343 commits, and had been downloaded 3,796 times. The Notify package consists of 4,559 separate files, containing 145,426 lines of code.

It is currently maintained by Bob Ray.


Notify can be downloaded and installed from within the MODX Revolution Manager via Package Manager (Extras -> Installer), or from the MODX Extras Repository.

Development and Bug Reporting

Notify is stored and developed using GitHub, and can be found here: Notify GitHub main page.

Bugs and feature requests can be filed here: Notify issues page..

Questions about how to use Notify should be posted on the MODX Forums.


The full documentation for Notify can be found at the author's web site (Bob's Guides): Notify Documentation.