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The QuipLatestComments Snippet

QuipLatestComments is an assistance snippet for Quip that can be used to quickly show the latest comments on a thread, by user, or across the site.


To grab the latest 5 comments:


To grab the number of comments on a thread:

[[QuipLatestComments? &type=`thread` &thread=`mythread`]]

To grab the number of comments by a user with username 'jb2009':

[[QuipLatestComments? &type=`user` &user=`jb2009`]]

Available Properties

Name Description Default Value
type The type of mode to call QuipCount in. Either "all", "thread", "family" or "user". all
thread If in thread mode, the thread to count comments from.
user If in user mode, either the User's ID or username.
family If in family mode, a string contained in the thread's name.
tpl The chunk to use for each comment. quipLatestComment
limit The number of comments to grab.
start The starting index of latest comments. 0
stripTags Whether or not to strip html tags in the comment. true
bodyLimit The number of characters in the comment link before it is truncated and an ellipsis is added. 30
rowCss The CSS class to put on each row. quip-latest-comment
altRowCss The CSS class to put on alternate rows. quip-latest-comment-alt


Get the latest comments in thread "thread32", with a body limit of 100 characters:

[[!QuipLatestComments? &type=`thread` &thread=`thread32` &bodyLimit=`100`]]

Get the latest 10 comments for user mikegeorge:

[[!QuipLatestComments? &type=`user` &user=`mikegeorge` &limit=`10`]]

Get the latest 20 comments for all threads beginning with 'blog-post':

[[!QuipLatestComments? &type=`family` &family=`blog-post` &limit=`10`]]

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