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Quip's tplComment Chunk

This is the Chunk displayed with the &tplComment property on the Quip.Quip snippet.

Default Value

<li class="[[+cls]]" id="[[+idprefix]][[+id]]" [[+depth_margin:notempty=`style="padding-left: [[+depth_margin]]px"`]]>
<div id="[[+idprefix]][[+id]]-div" class="quip-comment-body [[+alt]]">
    <div class="quip-comment-right">
        [[+gravatarUrl:notempty=`<img src="[[+gravatarUrl]]" class="quip-avatar" alt="" />`]]

    <p class="quip-comment-meta">
        <span class="quip-comment-author">[[+authorName]]:</span><br />
        <span class="quip-comment-createdon"><a href="[[+url]]">[[+createdon]]</a>
        [[+approved:if=`[[+approved]]`:is=`1`:then=``:else=`- <em>[[%quip.unapproved? &namespace=`quip` &topic=`default`]]</em>`]]

    <div class="quip-comment-text">

        [[+replyUrl:notempty=`<p><span class="quip-reply-link"><a href="[[+replyUrl]]">[[%quip.reply? &namespace=`quip` &topic=`default`]]</a></span></p>`]]

    <div class="quip-comment-options">
    <div class="quip-break"></div>
    [[+children:notempty=`<ol class="quip-comment-list">[[+children]]</ol>`]]

Available Placeholders

Name Description
thread The thread of the comment.
parent The comment's parent. Defaults to 0.
resource The ID of the resource associated with the thread of this comment.
rank The comment's rank.
author The ID of the User who posted this comment. Only applies if the user was logged-in; otherwise it will be 0.
body The text of the comment.
createdon The timestamp of when this comment was created.
editedon The timestamp of when this comment was last edited.
approved Whether or not this comment has been approved.
approvedby The ID of the User who approved this comment. 0 if moderation is disabled.
approvedon A timestamp of when this comment was approved.
name The name of the author of the comment.
email The email of the author of the comment.
website The website of the author of the comment, if provided.
ip The IP that this comment was posted from.
deleted Whether or not this comment has been deleted.
deletedon The timestamp when this comment was deleted. Empty if not deleted.
deletedby The User ID of the user who deleted this comment. 0 if not deleted.
idx The index of the current row iteration.
alt Whether or not this is an alternate row.
url The direct URL of the comment.
threaded Whether or not the comment is in a thread with threading support.
depth The depth of the comment.
depth_margin The margin in pixels of the comment, due to the depth.
cls The CSS class applied to the comment.
md5email The email of the author of the comment, md5'ed.
gravatarIcon The Gravatar icon type.
gravatarSize The Gravatar icon size.
allowRemove Whether or not the current user can remove this comment.
reported If this comment has been reported as spam.
options Any moderation options for the comment.
report The link to report this comment as spam.
authorName The name of the author of the comment.
replyUrl The URL for threaded comments where the reply form is located.

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