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Quip's tplComments Chunk

This is the Chunk displayed with the &tplComments property on the Quip.Quip snippet. Only applicable when &useWrapper is set to 1 in the Quip snippet (which it is by default).

This chunk wraps the comments for a thread, and provides a heading with the total number of comments.

Default Value

<div class="quip">
    <h3>[[%quip.comments]] ([[+total]])</h3>

<div id="quip-topofcomments-[[+idprefix]]"></div>

    [[+comments:notempty=`<ol class="quip-comment-list">


Available Placeholders

Name Description
comments The comments for the thread.
total The total number of comments for this thread.
idprefix The ID prefix for the thread's comments.

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