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What is easytabs?

Easytabs will create css tabs on a page.


Example for easytabs:

[[easytabs? &tabContent=`
    [{"tab_id":"one","tab_name":"One","tab_content":"Content 1"},
    {"tab_id":"two","tab_name":"Two","tab_content":"Content 2"},

See the snippet properties for more options.


Name Description Default Required Version
tabContent JSON array of data to display in the tabs. Yes >0.0.2
cssFile Specify the location of the css file to use. >0.0.2


Name Description Default Required Version
tab_id ID for the field. Yes >0.0.2
tab_name Name to display on the tab. Yes >0.0.2
tab_content Content to display in the tab. To display content from a chunk prefix the chunk name with a "$". Yes >0.0.2