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What is printdiv?

Printdiv will copy the content of the specified div into a popup window that will then open a print dialog box to print a "printer friendly version" of the content. After the print job is sent to the printer the popup window will automatically close.


Example for printdiv:

[[printdiv? &divID=`test` &linkText=`link`]]
<div id="test">test data</div>

You can also specify the width and height of the popup:

[[printdiv? &divID=`test` &linkText=`link` &width=`200` &height=`300`]]
<div id="test">test data</div>

See the snippet properties for more options.


Name Description Default Required Version
divID The ID of the div content to be copied into the popup window to be printed. Yes >0.0.1
linkText Text that will be displayed as a link to the printer friendly pop up. Yes >0.0.1
tplPrintDiv The template that creates the link to the popup window printdiv >0.0.1
tplJs The template that holds the javascript that creates the pop up starts the printing process. printdiv.js >0.0.1
width Width of the pop up window. 100 >0.0.1
height Height of the pop up window. 100 >0.0.1
cssFile Specify the location of the css file to use. >0.0.1