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What is directory?

This snippet displays the the amount of space is used and how much space is available for the user to use.


Example for directory:


You can also specify the templates:

[[!directory? &tplDirContainer=`directory.container` &tplDirGraph=`directory.bargraph`]]

See the snippet properties for more options.


Name Description Default Version
tplDirContainer The container to use to hold the bar graph. directory.container >0.0.1
tplDirGraph The bar graph showing stats. directory.bargraph >0.0.1
loadjquery This option will load the jquery version installed with sekUserGalleries. The value of 1 or 0 will override the sekusergalleries.load_jquery system setting. load_jquery system setting >0.0.3
customcss To use a css file other than what comes with sekUserGalleries, enter the path to the css file in relation to the modx assets folder (ie "sitefolder/assets/css/custom.css" should be entered like "&customcss=css/custom.css"). >0.0.3
graphcss Like customcss, this will load the css file that defines the bar graph appearance. >0.0.3