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What is siblingNav?

siblingNav is a snippet for MODX Revolution which can generate Navigation to Resource-Siblings.

siblingNav was first released on November 10, 2011 and was created by Bruno Perner for BD Creative.


siblingNav was created as a Revolution snippet, and should work on all versions since 2.0.0

Download & Installation

Install siblingNav by Package-Management

Using siblingNav

siblingNav Properties

rowTpl snrow chunk for siblings
selfTpl snself chunk for active row
prevTpl snprev chunk for previous-link
nextTpl snnext chunk for next-link
firstTpl snfirst chunk for link to first resource
lastTpl snlast chunk for link to last resource
placeholderPrefix sn. example: [[+sn.next]]
id modx-recource-id the resourceid from where to get the siblings
parents false commaseperated, get siblings from more than one parent
showDeleted 0
showUnpublished 0
showHidden 0
sortBy {"menuindex":"ASC","id":"ASC"} JSON-string with resource-fields for sorting
limit false

you can find the default chunk-files here: https://github.com/Bruno17/siblingnav/tree/master/core/components/siblingnav/elements/chunks


Minimum call for getting a navigation with all siblings


Advanced calls for getting a navigation with parents and navigate between childs of multiple parents

[[!siblingNav? &limit=`7` &id=`[[*parent]]` &placeholderPrefix=`snparent.`]]

[[!siblingNav? &limit=`9` &parents=`29,261`]]

You should use firstChildRedirect in parent resources.

External sources

Github repository: https://github.com/Bruno17/siblingnav