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What is SiteEditor?

SiteEditor is a package that allows you (or your clients) to edit your MODX© website from the front-end, bypassing the manager completely.

We are currently in alpha phase, meaning no access rights are integrated and you can only edit text / richttext fields from resources and TV's.

SiteEditor is created and maintained by SCHERP Ontwikkeling.


SiteEditor requires MODX® Revolution 2.1.x or later.


Version Release date Author Changes
0.0.1-alpha1 February 25th, 2013 Patrick Nijkamp (SCHERP Ontwikkeling) Initial release.

Download & Installation

Install the package through the MODX® package manager.

Setting up SiteEditor

Before you can use the SiteEditor in the front-end you need to edit any template/chunk and add the SiteEditor to the fields you want to edit.

Currently you need to be logged into the manager before you can edit your website in the front-end. So log in to the manager, then go back to your website to see the SiteEditor fields.

If you have a [[*introtext]] tag that you want edit with SiteEditor, make it look like this:


And you are done with that field. You can apply the same technique to TV's and other fields. Site editor will save the field content with the CURRENT RESOURCE. What if you want to be able to edit other resource fields from the current resource (for example: you want to be able to edit menu items, but you are in resource ID 3 while the menu items all have their own resource ID's). Just open the chunk that shows your menu item's: Instead of [[*pagetitle]] we now have [[+pagetitle]]. When the tag shows a + you need to supply SiteEditor with the ID this placeholder belongs to. So replace [[[+pagetitle]]] with:


In case of wayfinder, the placeholder actually has a different name, you can solve that by using the following code in your wayfinder row:


This tells SiteEditor the field is the pagetitle of resource [[+wf.docid]]. Now you can edit your menu titles from the front-end, how cool is that? :)

You can add these anywhere on your site, as long as you supply SiteEditor with the resource ID and in case of a different placeholder name a field name. Add this to any getResources row TPL:


And you are set :) You can edit the pagetitle and introtext...just hover over the fields in the front-end and it will show you an edit pencil, click it...edit it and then click in any whitespace to save it.


This is just an example template with SiteEditor fields:

        <hr />

This is an example of a getResources rowTpl chunk:

    <a href="[[~[[+id]]]]">[[+pagetitle:siteEditorField=`resource=[[+id]]`]]</a>

External sources

Developers website: http://www.scherpontwikkeling.nl