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SocialSuite is a collection of useful tools for integrating various social media into your MODX website.

getFacebookShares is a snippet, part of SocialSuite, which returns a number indicating the amount of times a certain URL has been shared or commented on using Facebook.

Snippet Properties

Property Default Value Description
url url of current resource The url to find the amount of shares for. Note that this needs to be a full url, so when generating URLs using the [[~]] syntax, make sure to add &scheme=full, like this:
[[~15? &scheme=full]]
cache true If the result should be cached or not, on by default. Set to 0 to disable (not advised).
cacheExpires 3600 Time (in seconds) the cache is considered valid, and new data is retrieved from facebook.
node shares Change to "comments" to get a count of comments for the specific url, usually only available if you have a facebook comment widget on that page, note that this only seems to count root-level comments (so not replies to comments). You can also set this to "id" to see the url that Facebook is checking for.

Example Usages

Get the the amount of shares for the current resource:


Get the amount of facebook comments for the current resource:

[[!getFacebookShares? &node=`comments`]]

Get the amount of facebook comments for a resource in a getResources tpl:

Comments: [[!getFacebookShares? &node=`comments` &url=`[[~[[+id]]? &scheme=`full`]]`]]

Get the amount of shares for the url "http://google.com/" and format it nicely using the prettyNumbers output filter that comes with SocialSuite:

[[!getFacebookShares:prettyNumbers? &url=`http://google.com/`]]

Run this snippet inside another snippet to get counts of a specific url:

$url = 'http://google.com/';
$shares = $modx->runSnippet('getFacebookShares', array('url' => $url));
return "The url {$url} has been shared {$shares} times on Facebook.";