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MODX 2.3 includes many great improvements and new features. The list below is not exhaustive, but highlights the most important changes.

  • No more modAction (except for backwards compatibility), instead URL-based routing.
  • Namespaces get more powerful (custom TV input types no longer need a plugin but can be read from specific directories)
  • Big reduction in number of connectors that need to be installed
  • New interface design
  • New REST Server classes for developing REST APIs for xPDOObject's easily. Example https://gist.github.com/splittingred/2346752
  • (Package Dependency management; need to confirm this made it in)
  • Manager themes now use Grunt and Sass, which allows for quick major restyles in custom themes.
  • Settings can now be applied on the User Group level
  • Contexts can now be renamed
  • Possible to disable CSS/JS compression during setup for those pesky servers
  • Added "Other" gender for user profiles, to go with the times.
  • Added dedicated Media Manager page in the manager
  • Make it possible to preview resources even when front-end sessions are disabled
  • Add system settings (welcome_action/welcome_namespace) to change the default action after login/when no ?a var is passed.
  • Allow editing a resource in a new window by using shift or middle mouse button click on the resource tree
  • toPlaceholder output filter no longer returns its value anymore